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Fashion Dissatisfaction: Do You Need a Personal Stylist?
18 July 2022

When you see a photo of a celebrity looking fantas


Fashion Dissatisfaction: Do You Need a Personal Stylist?

When you see a photo of a celebrity looking fantastic on the red carpet, you probably know that they're not responsible for their look. Although the finished product is a collaboration, their styling choices were largely made by someone else—namely their stylist. The celebrity stylist is such an important part of the entertainment industry that publications even compile lists of the most powerful stylists working today. Sure, you can see why someone in the public eye needs a stylist, but what about you? Stylists aren't just for the rich and famous. 

Wardrobe Disappointment

A personal stylist can be very helpful if you're someone who is regularly dissatisfied with their wardrobe. Your love affair with your clothing might be very short-lived, ending the moment you actually put the item on. You might have tried to mix things up, experimenting with the cut and colour of new wardrobe items, but you're never entirely satisfied.

A Visual Look

A stylist essentially designs a visual look. This involves instructing you on your fashion choices (and depending on how your stylist works, even going shopping with you). Your stylist helps you to curate your wardrobe, and in doing so, helps you to present the best possible image of yourself. 

Building a Capsule

A stylist won't just tell you to buy a wide choice of new clothes. The goal is to assemble a comprehensive capsule wardrobe. This is a (surprisingly) small selection of garments that complement each other, and can be mixed and matched depending on the look you want to achieve (formal, casual, elegant, modern, classic, and so on). 

Ideal Sizing

A personal stylist will generally take your full measurements. You may have been buying clothes that aren't the ideal size for your body, and there can be considerable variations in garments of the same size depending on the manufacturer or retailer. 

Cut and Colour

Without even realising it, the cut of your existing clothing may be leading to some dissatisfaction, with the clothes never looking like you expect them to. For example, you might have sheer items that look disappointingly shapeless on your body. You might need a semi-fitted garment to add some shape while still having an overall (if slightly tricked) sheer look. Your previous choices of colour will also be examined. While you'll have your own favourites, your stylist can guide you when choosing warm or cold tones that complement your skin tone.

Basically, your wardrobe dissatisfaction has led you to wonder if you're making the right clothing choices. Your personal stylist will have a long discussion with you about the look you wish to achieve (and how you present yourself), and will then help you to achieve this look.